This is my work after reading a scientific journal article on LIGO's discovery of gravitational waves in 2016. As a concept demonstration device, it explained the concept of "time dilation effect" to the audience through distance sensors and sound rhythm changes.


In the process of making the work, I was also passed on an idea by my former mentor-the concept started from the text. In other words, when I don’t know how to describe my feelings in words, I cannot find the right language to describe the work based on the works created by feelings. Only when I accept the information, understand the logic and meaning of the discourse, and then analyze the part I understand by the language of the information, can the works I create be linguistically valid.


This device interprets gravitational waves in this way: When people get close to such equipment, the rhythm of the music played by the audio equipment will gradually slow. The audience relative to the equipment on the wall can be regarded as the celestial body

that has great quality and gravitational field. At the same time with some comics to anthropomorphize the celestial bodies of high quality and celestial bodies of low quality, to help people understand the concept visually.




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